8 Jobs that are tough on your Neck

We have created a list of the top 8 occupations that result in excessive neck strain.  This list has been compiled based on our experience as therapists and the types of patients who come to seek our help on a daily basis!  Scroll down to see if your occupation makes the list!  And if your job is on the list, there are things you can do to reduce the strain and likelihood of pain.

(hint: it involves physiotherapy, including strengthening exercises for your neck!)


Number 8: Formula 1 drivers

Okay, so not many of us are formula one drivers, but we thought we’d start off with a fun one.  Driving fast cars requires a lot of neck strength to conteract the G-forces exerted on the body.  They also have the added weight of their helmet to contend with whilst being cooped up in a seat designed for speed rather than comfort.

Number 7: Truck and taxi drivers.

Prolonged sitting requires good strength, otherwise we slouch and put undesirable load onto our neck.  Truck and car drivers, machine operators and forklift drivers all have prolonged periods of sitting, often with mechanical vibrations increasing the strain on their necks even further.

Number 6Welders & Mechanics.

These occupations require a lot of holding your neck in awkward positions for sustained periods of time.  Welders have the added weight of their welding helmet, which requires more neck strength.

Number 5Plasterers and Painters.

The combination of looking upwards whilst the arms are elevated (whilst carrying loads) above head-height puts a lot of extra strain on the neck and shoulders.

Number 4: Computer workers.

Prolonged sitting at a desk, often in poor postures, often results in neck pain and headaches from the consistent load on the neck.  Unfortunately a large percentage of the population fall into this category!

Number 3Dentists and dental assistants.

These workers are constantly turning their necks into awkward positions to help see and gain access to peoples’ mouths.  The repetitive and sustained nature of the work means that a lot of these workers develop neck pain and/or headaches.  So spare a thought for your poor dentist the next time you’re there for a check-up!

Number 2:  Hairdressers. 

Just like the plasterers and painters, hairdressers continually have their arms up at shoulder height whilst attending to people’s hair.  This can result in shoulder strain, and also puts a lot of extra pressure on their necks.


Number 1Nurses and Carers.

Despite no-lift policies being introduced and a growing emphasis on manual handling training, there’s no changing that this is a physical job!  The bending, pushing, pulling, being pulled, yanked, strained, aiding and assisting that goes on with patients, who unfortunately are generally becoming more overweight, puts a huge strain on nurses necks.


So there you have it.  Did your job make the list?  Did we miss any obvious ones!?

Feel free to leave us some feedback if there’s any jobs you wish to comment on!

And remember, if you need help overcoming neck pain, consider having treatment with one of the team at Ahead Physiotherapy We can help with hands-on treatment for relief, as well as being able to tailor a program of strengthening and stretching exercises to help your neck cope with the day-to-day strain of living life.