5 Reasons to Have a Massage when you’re Expecting

All you need to know about Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is such a beautiful time – the joy and excitement of a new addition to the family. It is also a time where you may want to treat and pamper yourself, or help manage the associated aches and pains of growing a tiny little human.

As we all know, pregnancy can be incredibly uncomfortable and sometimes very painful, especially around the lower back and hip areas but rest assured that there is a way to help combat these aches, pains and sore muscles – pregnancy massage!

Top 5 Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

1.   Improved Quality of Sleep and digestion

2.   Reduced Stress & Anxiety

3.   Reduces Swelling and High Blood Pressure

4.   Lower Stress Hormones in Baby

5.   Relief of Muscular Pain and Cramping


Before You Book a Pregnancy Massage

After 12 weeks it is deemed safe to start treatments – this is a precaution to make sure that everything is okay with mother and baby and that there is little to no risk of a miscarriage before proceeding with treatment.

As a precaution, check with your perinatal care provider (eg Obstetrician, Midwife) that massage is appropriate for you at your current stage of pregnancy.  It is especially important, for example, if you have experienced bleeding, spotting, abdominal pain or cramping.

If you have the all clear and are experiencing a normal pregnancy, BOOK your massage appointment and start enjoying the benefits.


The general guide for pregnancy massage frequency, as recommended by Pregnancy Massage Australia, is to schedule your pregnancy massage appointments for the same frequency as your antenatal appointments*.

This is a general schedule of antenatal appointments for a normal healthy pregnancy:

Up to 28 weeks                  1 month intervals

28-37 weeks                       2 week intervals

38 weeks – birth                1 week intervals

*Appointment schedule may vary between perinatal care providers

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS (“but what about my BELLY!?”)

Not all massages are performed lying face-down on your tummy.  As a pregnancy progresses, it becomes more uncomfortable to lie in certain positions (including face-down, on your back, and on your right side).  A relieving, relaxing pregnancy massage involves positioning based on maximum comfort, using pillows, towels and/or cushions for support.

Pregnancy Massage relieves the aches that come with all the different stages of pregnancy as your body grows and changes.   Our experienced Remedial Massage therapists at Ahead Physiotherapy, Currimundi, are trained to care for you, calm the nervous system, reduce muscle pain in your legs, feet and back, and help improve your sleep.

We tailor your massage to suit your unique body.

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